We all know that service children face a lot of challenges unique to military life, so how can we help them reach their potential and get the best outcomes from their education?

One of the key players that AFF works with is the SCiP Alliance – a UK-wide partnership of organisations with a shared focus on helping service children thrive.

Part of this is its hub network, which brings together groups of professionals to develop the quality of support provided for service children in their regions through sharing practice, supporting ongoing work and raising awareness of areas that need further research to bring about change.

Growing network

There are currently 12 hubs across the UK with the prospect of more to come. As well as serving on both its board and practice group, AFF regularly attends some of the hubs to talk about your lived experiences and ensure they’re understood when ideas are being discussed.

Katherine Lawrence, SCiP’s Head of Operations, explains why it’s so important: “The network and each individual hub is characterised by an open, collaborative approach, by a collective energy to generate and act together on new ideas, and by a shared clarity of purpose.

“The value lies not only in the shared vision and mutual support of the network but also in the hubs’ diversity and commitment to local initiatives.”

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