Military wife and Army&You finance expert Nadine Monks provides her top tips on making the most of your budget this summer…

TO BE better prepared financially, planning is key. Look out for voucher codes, Armed Forces discounts, places where tickets are valid all season and check out your local community centre where you can often find much cheaper family activities.

Try your best to spread your day trips throughout the holiday. Take the time to break down the cost of each outing. Allow for travel/parking costs, food, drinks and possibly a souvenir too.

If you’re driving, the AA route planner gives you an estimate of the amount of fuel you will use based on the average price per litre. You can get a third off train travel with a HM Forces Railcard.

Save money by bringing a picnic, refillable drinks bottles and especially sweets – they’re always so overpriced at these places!

Spend the rest of the week doing free fun activities such as crafts, cooking and trips to the park or library.

There may be other Army families who you can hook up with nearby. Don’t forget to check out your local Sure Start centre if you have a child under five.    

For working parents, childcare costs can be extortionate, so make sure you research any council run schemes, holiday clubs or summer camps and book them early.

Rather than block book time off, have you considered taking two days off for each week throughout? You could team up with another family and swap days saving pounds.


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