Consultant Solicitor Mandeep Gill (pictured below) offers advice on settling contact arrangements for estranged parents…

LAW1THE courts recognise the importance of both parents in their children’s lives, particularly the role of the non-resident parent. Orders terminating contact are only made when there is no alternative.

Third party help 

Usually agreements reached between parents work far better and are more flexible than a court-imposed order. There are various cost effective ways of trying to resolve issues without resorting to court proceedings, such as mediation, a process by which you can discuss and negotiate arrangements with the help of a mediator, a neutral third party.

Be innovative in your suggestions for contact. For example, if overnight stays with you are not possible, perhaps you could use a relative’s or friend’s house. If you are unable to have direct contact, consider phone calls, letters and pictures, Skype or FaceTime to help you maintain that relationship.


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