If my husband could, he would ban me from home decor magazines and Pinterest boards of gorgeous rooms. Why? Because of my constant sighs and asking him: “When will we have our forever home?”, writes military wife Francesca Kemp.

As a Service family, we’ve moved a lot, which means dealing with magnolia walls, thread-bare carpets and the flowery things hanging from the windows called curtains!

Despite those limits, you can always brighten your Service Families Accommodation with crafty goodness:

  • I love bunting and you can find plenty of it in my house, from vintage maps to floral prints. Try memory bunting which uses children’s old clothes. This brings colour and treasured memories into bedrooms.
  • Last year the world record for the longest line of pom-poms was broken at Kirstie Allsopp’s The Handmade Fair as part of #worldpomination. So, get your pom-pom maker out and fill your house with fluffy, cheerful garlands!
  • Framed fabric letters are a fun way to craft with children and a perfect means of colour co-ordinating a bedroom.
  • Colour is key. Bright colours add character to rooms and crochet is a fab way to achieve this. I am currently making table mats and coasters using jersey yarn in pinks and oranges, colours which put a smile on my face.

You can download Francesca’s tutorial at etsy.com/CraftyRevolution

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