Charity HighGround aims to improve the wellbeing and employment prospects of injured serving personnel and veterans by delivering horticultural therapy at DMRC Stanford Hall.

They also provide support to help those leaving the military, veterans and reservists into land-based employment.

Chief Executive and founder Anna Baker Cresswell (main photo) outlines how gardening helps your health: “We all know that being in the fresh air feels inherently good for us but the ‘biophilia effect’ also means that reconnecting our minds as well as our bodies with the sounds and smells of the countryside, or even a small patch of garden, for just a few minutes can help us all to get through fast-paced days. There can be nothing more satisfying than picking, washing and eating a carrot, radish or spring onion we have grown ourselves in a window box, and don’t get me started on the fascination of seeing a bulb grow from an ugly, leathery thing into a magnificent lily or scented hyacinth!”

If your soldier is leaving the army soon and looking for a career outdoors, for example agriculture, horticulture or estate management, HighGround runs courses, and offers work experience and career guides –

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