IF the thought of sleeping on lumpy ground in the outdoors fills you with dread, Army spouse Carla Glynn has a clever solution; Feather Down Farms “Glamping”. Army&You’s guest reviewer stayed at the Country Retreat Wyresdale in Lancashire with her husband, Wayne, and two young sons…


FEATHERDOWN2HAVING been given a warm welcome from the owners, I approached our “Frills tent” with trepidation, following in the wake of my galloping children.

I was delighted to find beds already made up with billowing duvets and crisp white linen, fluffy towels, running water, a WC and, best of all, hot water shower and hot tub.

I was impressed by my husband’s prowess in building a fire outside the Safari tent with a glorious view over the lake and lighting the stove inside while the boys decided which of the beds they were going to have.

All tents come with a double, a set of bunk beds and the fun cupboard bed, suitable for one adult or two children.

After slinging up the hammock found in the Discovery tent and having a meal, we sat relaxed around the campfire, fresh air filling our lungs, listening to the sheep and cows in the fields as the sun set over the trees and we planned our adventure for the following day.

After an exquisitely restful sleep, the morning cuppa took a little longer than usual on the stove (all logs and kindling are provided), but we used the time collecting pine cones and watching geese on the lake before walking to hire a boat for a day on the water and an adventure in the woods.

A trip up to the manor house to the Apple Store café during your stay is an absolute must for handsome cake portions, afternoon tea or their doorstop cheese on toast with homemade chutney. Cakes are baked by the lady of the manor and there is a large area for the kids to play.

If you want to get “off garrison” and back-to-basics with some home comforts, this is the place for you. I am fully converted – sign me up for the next trip!

For more information, visit www.featherdown.co.uk

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