MORE than 9,000 families approached AFF last year to ask for help or simply to tell us their thoughts.

Our local AFF Co-ordinators can resolve individual problems, but what if what is happening to you is happening to lots of families?

At AFF we aim to resolve the problem at local level but ensure that if it is affecting more than one family that we campaign at a higher level to ensure that the policy is changed.

Each of your enquiries goes through our evidence cycle:

1. You approach AFF

2. You are helped by AFF

3. Your enquiry is recorded anonymously on our database

4. Our database is analysed for trends

5. We investigate trends and propose a way ahead

6. We lobby the MOD and wider agencies

7. Policy is changed.

Don’t sit quietly when something about Army family life is bothering you.

Do get in touch with us here at AFF, either through your local AFF Co-ordinator or our team of Specialists via

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