For those of you who live in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, AFF’s devolved team is ready to help.

In each of the three nations, we tackle a variety of issues, led by Devolved Nations Manager Emma Perrin. She says: “Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are beautiful locations for a military posting – many families would not necessarily have chosen to live there, but more and more are deciding to settle once they’ve arrived!

“When moving between the four home nations, the small differences in support, funding, education or even law, can have a huge impact on family life. My role, along with our AFF Specialists, is to make sure that all army families can be posted to any location and not worry about whether they have the right support in place.

“If you feel your family is at a disadvantage due to your move to or from a devolved region, or you’re a married unaccompanied family who aren’t sure who to turn to, do get in touch.”

Meet your team…

MILITARY CONNECTION: My husband is in the army.

Amanda says: “I started with AFF at the beginning of October so I’m still very new in the role – I’m looking forward to supporting army families in Scotland. I would especially like to hear from those families that are classed as dispersed – I want to make sure they feel supported as well as those living on the patch.”

MILITARY CONNECTION: I’m an army widow.
AREAS COVERED: Wales and the borders, including Abbey Wood, Hereford and Beachley.

Sadie says: “I’m fortunate to cover not only Wales but also some of England!

“I find that loneliness and isolation is an issue for some families due to the location of the postings in Wales. The scenery is breath-taking in many parts, but it can also feel like you’re a long way from anywhere if you can’t drive.

“Wales has had different COVID restrictions to England, which has added to families’ struggles. I’m looking forward to getting back out on the road, meeting families and finding out how we can help.”

AREAS COVERED: Northern Ireland (including Aldergrove, Lisburn and Holywood).
Northern Ireland is currently covered by Emma, our Devolved Nations Manager plus our Virtual Assistants. Families who have not yet experienced life in Northern Ireland may feel anxious about their first move over the water, but we then find that many do not want to leave! Please contact the AFF team if you have any concerns or issues moving to, or living there.

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