VARIOUS firms, including utility companies, advertise offers – including the Government’s Green Deal – to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

However, before those of you living in Service Families Accommodation (SFA) are tempted to take advantage, read the terms and conditions so you understand your liability as well as that placed on the property.

It may not be appropriate for our highly-mobile Service community to enter in to a long-term repayment arrangement linked to the SFA.

While the Green Deal allows you to get energy efficiency improvements installed without a large upfront payment, you pay the money back through small increases to your electricity bill – and this applies to future occupants of the property who will have no choice but to fund the extra.

Schemes such as the Green Deal require householders who do not own their property, which includes families living in SFA, to request permission from their “landlords”, in our case DIO.

Therefore, before any commitments are made you should send full details of the offer and supporting documents to your Housing Officer – who will contact a local Technical Officer to undertake a condition survey.

No work should be agreed or commenced before approval has been given by DIO.

Carefully consider all costs as some schemes require an assessment survey that may be charged for and DIO cannot reimburse you. While these offers may appear attractive make sure you read the small print, understand your potential liability and get permission before you sign up for anything.

For more information check out and search for Green Deal energy saving measures.

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