Army&You has been exploring the ace amenities on offer at some of the UK’s top independent schools. Here, Headmaster Simon Head takes us for a closer look at Salisbury’s Chafyn Grove (…

Tell us about your school’s current facilities…
Current facilities include a full-sized astro and a smaller training one; large, up-to-date classrooms; a performance hall and organ; a capacious library; art studios; computer suites; squash courts; a swimming pool and sports hall; specialised science labs; purpose-built pre-prep buildings; fields, recreation equipment and an on-site low-ropes course.

Do you have any plans for future investment?
Future investment will include the construction of an outdoor classroom and developing the swimming pool area. We’ve re-modelled one of our larger rooms as a heritage room to celebrate our centenary.

What’s the jewel in your crown?
The general specification of our facilities sets us apart – the classrooms, Art and DT provision and astro are all particularly enviable elements.

What does having access to top-notch facilities mean to a child’s education?
It’s always what one does with facilities which counts – but having the highest specifications enables greater ambition.

Why should parents pick your school based on your facilities?
Facilities can come into picking a school. They are a good marker of the school’s health and aspirations. They reveal a school’s priorities and strengths. Chafyn Grove is committed to breadth, depth and balance – therefore all of our departments are provisioned to the same high specifications.

What are your top three most used facilities?
Our most used facilities – aside from the classrooms themselves – are the astro, the climbing frames and the library.

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