LifeWorks-Families’ employability support programme is completely free for anyone in the forces community. The initiative can help you find your first job, secure a job in the UK after an overseas posting, change career path, manage redundancy or a change in circumstances. Whatever your situation, the experienced team can help you.

It’s open to any military spouse/partner and entitled family members aged 18+ as well as veterans’ families.

How can they help?

The online learning management system allows military families around the world to register and take advantage of tailored employability training. Once registered, you can work at your own pace from home.

They also offer a helpful one-to-one phone or Zoom/Skype sessions with a vocational assessor who can take you through a range of psychometric profiling tools that will help you identify new career paths or even enhance your current position. Sessions cover:

  • CV writing, covering letters and completing application forms
  • Identifying a suitable and fulfilling career path
  • Interviews – including different types of interview and practice
  • Confidence building and coaching for change
  • Unlocking the hidden jobs market
  • Recognising your skills.

Millie’s parents both served in the army, so she has spent the majority of her life moving around. She’s been to eight different schools and also boarding school for a few years to establish stability whilst her parents were on deployments.

Millie, pictured above, says: “I’ve felt so lost and confused, unsure what direction to go in after finishing school. The employability coaches used the assessment tools to identify what my skills are, what I enjoy and the type of career I am suited to. As a result, they’ve helped me search for opportunities and make sure that my CV is up-to-date and suitable for the jobs I’m applying for.

“I have an interview coming up for an apprenticeship so I’m getting some support and guidance around that process too.

“I would recommend this to anyone who needs any sort of help with employment.

“I’ve also been able to use the online learning system to work through materials in between my Skype sessions.”

Find out more

Check out the LifeWorks-Families online platform or call 0800 319 6844.

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