DISCOVERING an idea for a business is often born from people’s own experiences. For Ayesha and her soldier husband Ash, their flash of inspiration came from time spent apart during a deployment. 

“When we started feeling out of touch, we decided that we needed something that kept us connected in a more traditional way,” explained Ayesha (pictured left). 

“Speaking through FaceTime, text, emails and letters wasn’t cutting it; somehow, we always felt restricted. Time wasn’t on our side, as we never knew how long the deployment would last.” 

 After their son was born, Ayesha felt that deployment became even harder. Having not yet celebrated his first birthday together, the couple knew that milestones were going to be missed, and that’s when they came up with the idea of The Detachment Diary. 

“We started by binding together a book design, which went with Ash on his deployment, recording all the things we were missing. Back home, we had our own version that I used to keep track of all stuff baby, to keep Ash in the loop,” she said. 

“Upon his return, with diaries at the ready, we swapped, enabling us to read all about the deployment and in turn, share all of our home adventures.” 

Ayesha is offering Army&You readers a free military mum planner created to ease deployments and new postings. It features a children’s routine template, activity planner, support pages and more.

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