ACCORDING TO Jobcentre Plus, using the services of a recruitment agency is the best and quickest way to find a job.

However, you need to ensure that the agency is reputable as you will be disclosing personal information to it.

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) represents and supports the UK’s private recruitment and staffing industry.

To check that your agency is accredited, visit the REC website at




Keep in close contact – phone them at least once a week

Be available – either via phone or email and respond promptly 

If you’re employed elsewhere, let the agency know the best times for them to contact you

Be honest about the type of job you want and your salary expectations and also about the jobs you don’t want. Be willing to take advice as a good recruiter may suggest roles that you hadn’t thought about 

Keep your CV accurate and up-to-date – use the expertise of your agency consultant to help you. It is best to keep your CV simple so that the company can integrate it into their system easily

Talk to your agency if they are not finding you work

Establish a good relationship with a consultant – they may need to vouch for your integrity and professionalism

Do your research before any interviews that the agency arranges

Call the recruiter after any interviews to receive/give feedback

Don’t post your CV online without investigating the agency through REC

Think twice before disclosing personal information (such as your date of birth) – treat your CV as you would your bank cards.




A good consultancy will “market” your application and highlight your strengths to a potential employer and give you valuable interview advice.

Agencies have access to more job opportunities as they have dedicated prospecting teams, and some specialise in a specific industry sector making it easier for you to find a job in line with your expertise.

They should help you with career advice and be able to pre-select roles for you.




There are numerous lists available for you to view online.

Which agency you go for depends on your specific needs or industry sector.

AFF has compiled a list of employment agencies and websites at which could help you with your search.




Gary Thompson tells Army&You about his experience of using a recruitment company as an Army spouse…

CASESTUDY“Having recently moved to a new area I began looking at advertised jobs and tried my local HIVE, but I found most of the vacancies were aimed at wives as there are clearly more of them in our Army community. However, I had a great experience with recruitment company Amdas. The whole process was stress-free and quick. My contact, Alex, was so helpful. I explained my circumstances and my fears of not finding work as I can only stay in this area while posted here. I also told him what hours I was happy to work as I needed to keep the balance between Army life and work. He did all he could to match me with a suitable employer. Within ten days of submitting my CV to the recruitment agency, I had an interview and was offered a job!”

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