Networking as an older military child is important as it provides a chance to share experiences and support others. We spoke to Tilly Radwell, 22, who’s set up The Real Troopers on Instagram to do just that…

Tell us about your military connection

I’ve been a military child since the day I was born. My dad’s been in the army for 35 years. My family have only ever known the military way of life as both my parents were military children too.

Where did the idea for The Real Troopers come from?

When I was growing up, I always found there wasn’t much information for military kids on situations that we regularly face like moving school and house.

We were brought up with the ‘get on with it’ attitude and just cracked on despite how hard it could be. I wanted to help kids that were like me, who struggled making friends and moving about and show them that it’ll be fine, using experiences of those who have done it all before. We’re the real troopers for being so resilient!

Why do you think it’s needed?

Now, more than ever, mental health is a really big issue for young people and there isn’t enough support. Everyone has a different story to tell and their story might just change someone’s life or offer exactly the advice they need.

You’ve also written an ebook – what was the idea behind it?

I wanted to create a guide where all useful information and advice could be found in one place.

When facing a challenge, kids can jump straight to the page that can help them.

What sort of feedback have you had?

Everyone loves The Real Troopers! Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from young people who love comparing experiences and recognise people that they’ve had a posting with, or parents who now find it easier to understand what their kids go through and are better able to help them.

What are your plans for the future?

I’d love to get as many people as possible involved with The Real Troopers to share their stories and read them.

I want to be a connection between young people and organisations who can help them and offer the proper support if they need it.

And another bigger and better book is definitely on the cards!

If you’d like to share your story and find out more, check out @the_real_troopers

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