Liddy, Alex (serving soldier), Freddie and Flora tell Army&You about life as an Army family on a posting in Amman, Jordan.

JORDAN2How long have you been an Army family?
7 years.

Time in Jordan:
13 months.

How many other military families live there?
Currently there are approximately 10.

What’s your quarter like?
We live in a very spacious three-bedroom apartment in Amman, the capital city.

Can spouses work?
Yes, quite a few spouses work at the International Community School or other international schools in Amman as either teachers or teaching assistants.

What about schools?
Our eldest child is at the International Community School in Amman and really enjoys his time there. All of the children attached to the Loan Service team attend the school and, while it is run in line with the British education system, there are pupils from many different countries. It is a great opportunity for him to learn a bit of Arabic and about other cultures.

Where do Army families get together?
Amman is a pretty liberal place to live with a large ex-pat community and very few restrictions. Most members of the Loan Service team are members of the British Club at the British Embassy which is a great place to meet for a drink, go for a swim and let the children run around with their friends. There are also a number of hotels in Amman with health clubs. We have regular team gatherings, including welcoming brunches for new families arriving.

Who supports families?
There isn’t a welfare team, but individuals are responsible for providing support in areas such as housing and admin.

What’s the best thing about living in Jordan?
It is a beautiful and historically fascinating country. We had no idea how much there would be to see. It’s exactly what we needed in terms of spending time together as a family.


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