A wonderful poem by army veteran and poet, Clive Sanders

She looked at herself in the mirror,

As she carefully came down the stairs,

For her husband would soon be coming home,

The answer to all of her prayers.

Her husband was a long-serving soldier,

Who had just finished his final Ops Tour,

She tried to make sure she was looking her best,

When her husband came in through the door.


I will not cry, I will not cry,

My eyes will not be wet.

She remembered how she’d cried so much,

The last time they had met.

This time will be so different,

And she’d be so self-controlled,

For they had lived the Army life,

Since he had first enrolled.


The Army coach stopped just outside,

And she watched as he lifted his kit.

The tour had clearly been arduous,

For her husband was looking so fit.

She heard his key go into the lock,

And she finally cast off all her fears,

Then he quickly walked over and held her so tight,

And then he broke down into tears.


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