In this time of significant change in the British Army and beyond, the work of the Army Families Federation has never been more important. From empowering Service spouses to influencing national policies, our campaigning makes us an invaluable asset to our soldiers and the men, women and children who support them.

For the past 23 years, the AFF Journal has been the main channel through which we spread our message to more than 60,000 households, local and national organisations and high-ranking individuals from the military and political spheres every quarter.

Now, with impending challenges including redundancy, operational drawdown and rebasing back to the UK facing Army families, our flagship publication will be in greater demand than ever. That is why I am excited to announce that we are joining forces with TylerBale Communications to relaunch the title as Army&You.

Launching this autumn and featuring contemporary design, interesting articles spanning everything from military policy to fashion and lifestyle and a widely-read letters section, Army&You will be a commercial-quality magazine delivered direct to the doors of tens of thousands of members of the wider Army family.

Our readers are diverse, aspirational and engaged with the title and advertising in Army&You gives your organisation a guaranteed way to reach them. As well as being an efficient and effective route to market, it places your products and services alongside one of the world’s most-respected brands – the British Army.

Catherine Spencer
Chief Executive
Army Families Federation

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