DO you know someone aged 14-25? Be inspired by vInspired, a charity helping young people to get involved in good causes and improve their skills, confidence and employability.

Whether a first-timer or veteran volunteer, there’s a project for everyone and it is a brilliant way to integrate with a new community – particularly beneficial for Army families.

The vInspired website links young people with opportunities at almost 2,000 charities, schools and organisations across the country. Positions range from supporting events to media, sports and coaching.

Recognition and skills

Innovative programmes such as vInspired Cashpoint, which offers grants of up to £500 to solve a community problem and get a project off the ground, benefit local areas and provide support for participants to gain new skills and qualifications, build their CVs and make new friends.

All volunteers who register their hours receive certificates recognised by unis and employers.

vInspired Team v Leader Beth Whitaker said: “It’s hard to explain just how much difference volunteering makes until you do it. All I can say is that it completely transformed my life.

“It gave me experiences I would never have thought possible and has given me the confidence to do great things with my life.

“Young people have all these amazing ideas and all this passion that is so often overlooked by society.

“With a bit of guidance, young people can learn new skills and build confidence in order to make a difference now and in the future.”

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