My most recent order from was deemed ‘undeliverable’ to our BFPO address. The email from Amazon notifying me of this problem included my supposed address. I say supposed because the address was not what I provided and it does not match what is on my Amazon account details, which means a person or system from a third party altered part of it, thereby making it invalid for the purpose of BFPO delivery.

From my brief straw poll it seems that I’m not alone in having experienced this issue in recent weeks. Amazon is as puzzled as I am by the change to the address details, and they are trying to find out why this has happened. Both Amazon and I have double checked that my address details on my account conform with BFPO and Amazon’s requirements, which they do. Not only is it very annoying that I have to chase this up, but more importantly is that it meant both a delay in the delivery and paying more for reordering as I originally got it at a reduced rate.

Name & address supplied

Response from Unfortunately, without any further details we cannot investigate this particular issue further. We encourage anyone who has experienced a similar problem to contact us, so the issue can be logged and resolved – call 0044 207 084 791. Amazon continues to deliver high volumes of orders to Service families overseas and we would advise anyone ordering to a BFPO address to enter ‘BFPO addresses’ into the search field and follow the instructions at

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