#TunefulTuesday: Tame Impala
Psychedelic perfection.
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Tame Impala, Currents

Australian outfit Tame Impala collected something of a cult following among psychedelic rock fans in the wake of 2010’s Innerspeaker and its 2012 follow-up Lonerism – but album number three from the Kevin Parker-fronted group heralds an interesting change in direction.

From the second that eight-minute-long opener Let it Happen stirs into life, it becomes apparent that a subtle new electronic influence has emerged. Parker’s familiar, breezy falsetto vocals lilt over the summery rhythm of The Moment, while the contrast of deep bass and space-age synth notes make Eventually truly engaging.

The band’s psychedelic roots are still noticeable throughout, with Past Life in particular combining dreamy sounds with distorted vocals to good effect.

By the time closing track New Person, Same Old Mistakes kicks in, the new musical approach fits like a favourite coat that you have had for years. Currents comes highly recommended.

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