FAR from the teachers pressing chalk on to blackboards and pupils scribbling notes into dog-eared exercise books so familiar to previous generations, today’s classrooms are increasingly becoming fully digital domains. We find out how Talbot Heath embraces the latest technology courtesy of Jo Maule, Head of E-Learning…

How do you utilise technology in the classroom?
We are fortunate to have 1:1 iPads from Year 3 to Y13, as well as a large bank of shared iPads in our Pre-Prep department. Having the use of an ‘instant on’ device enables pupils to use autonomy when notetaking, presenting and sharing information. It really helps engage pupil interest and embeds interdisciplinary learning.

Has technology had an impact on school life outside of lessons?
Absolutely. Pupils can put what they have learnt at school into practise and often use their skills, knowledge and natural curiosity to create home projects and explore subjects further in their own time.

How do you teach children to use technology safely?
As using technology and accessing the internet is now something that’s done multiple times every day for the vast majority of young people, it is vital they are aware of the dangers and pitfalls. We teach our pupils to be discerning users of the internet and use their common sense when issues arise. They also know that there is always help and support available if they need it.

What’s your most exciting or novel use of technology?
Pupils love our Google Cardboard virtual expeditions; exploring space, under the sea and travelling the world without leaving the comfort of their classroom. Whether it’s programming robots in Computing lessons, publishing their own eBooks in English, or virtually exploring inside the human body in Science, technology is often at the heart of what we do at Talbot Heath. With the development of our new STEAM hub, including Augmented Reality and Holographic spaces, it’s only going to get more exciting!

We are also an Apple Regional Training Centre and train teachers from any local schools how to use Apple technology in the classroom, for free.

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