Service couple Kelly and Vincent Markwell have been together for eight years and married for three. They have a five-year-old boy, Oscar, and couldn’t believe it when they discovered they were having triplets. Kelly told us how they are juggling Army life with their three new arrivals…

WHEN the Markwells found out about their imminent triple arrival, feelings of shock, dread and worry were soon replaced by excitement.

“The more we thought about it and the more scans we had (which was a lot), the more we looked forward to their arrival,” explained Kelly.

Now nearing their first birthdays, Poppy, Tommy and Billy were born at 31 weeks by emergency C-section and Kelly and Vincent say they’ve since managed each day as it comes.

“The triplets spent five weeks in a neonatal ward and thankfully Vincent was with me the whole time,” said Kelly.

“Once we were home, our parents came and supported us which was fantastic. Since those early weeks, they are always there with help and support whenever we need them.”

Once Vincent returned to work, Kelly soon got herself, Oscar and the triplets into a routine. “So far I have coped fine on my own. Believe me, with triplets, a routine is key,” she advised.

Service Support

The Army has been helpful from the start which has made a big difference, as Kelly explained: “Vincent’s unit, The Royal Lancers, has supported us throughout, letting him have time off to attend the triplets’ hospital appointments.

“They even provided us with a minibus so we could go on a family holiday in the summer. Our seven-seater car is big enough for day-to-day tasks, but not for a family holiday. We literally packed the kitchen sink.”

With Vincent due to go away on various courses, Kelly will be managing the triplets, Oscar and school run on her own.

“I have a few military and civilian friends nearby that I can rely on if needed, but I also have close friends that I can call or text at the drop of a hat,” she said.

The Markwells’ lives are becoming more interesting and challenging as the triplets get bigger and more mobile.

“We currently live in a three-bedroom quarter but are rapidly running out of room so we are hoping to move into a bigger SFA in the future,” said Kelly.

“We stockpile the essentials because they don’t last long, searching for bargains and sales whenever we can.”

For others in their situation, she has the following advice: “It’s a scary time having premature babies but have faith in the doctors and nurses – they are worth their weight in gold.

“Don’t listen to horror stories that people love to tell you because it’s nowhere near as bad as people make out – and be proud!

“You’ve created a massive miracle and not every parent can say they’ve got triplets.

“Multiple births are not easy but as parents of triplets it is the most amazing experience anyone can wish for,” she added.

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