AS the bulk of families leave Germany for pastures new, AFF’s former regional manager Germany, Carole Rudd, tells us what life will look like for those staying behind…

“Here at AFF we’ve been incredibly proud to be part of the hard work that has gone into securing support and facilities for families remaining in Germany,” said Carole.

“Whilst the future footprint will look very different, not least in size, we’re confident it will remain a posting with families at its heart.”

Discussing the intricacies of this process with Commander BFG, Carole said he described the enduring presence as “the drawing down of numbers, building a new capability, with a little bit of chaos in the middle”.

What can families expect?
Sennelager will be the main base for families. Although medical support will decrease, there’ll be a screening process in place from the garrison medical team to support you and your soldier.
Health and dental care will be delivered in the normal way, backed by the German health system where needed.

Attenborough School will continue to provide education from 0-11 years, with experienced teachers continuing in post to ease the transition for your children.

You are likely to live in Service Family Accommodation a short walk from Attenborough School, within the vicinity of Normandy Barracks, where single soldiers will also be accommodated.

Welfare support will be delivered from Normandy Barracks, the main hub of the community. The Naafi family store is remaining open and this is where you’ll find support organisations such as the HIVE, Army Welfare Service and the Royal British Legion.

AFF Germany staff have attended coffee mornings for the enduring community and everyone seems happy.

If you have any questions, AFF Germany co-ordinator Lindsay McCran ( will support families until the end of the year.

There’s more information at or at Sennelager HIVE.

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