A TEACHER from Hampshire has established a charity to inspire young people and raise money for those injured in the Armed Forces and emergency services.

Danny Glavin founded The Inspiration Federation following the death of his childhood friend who died whilst serving his country in Afghanistan.

The charity, which has raised more than £1 million to date, champions true heroes and inspirational people of our past and present, both on a global scale and in our local communities, inspiring young people to change the way they view the world around them.

Danny said: “Too many young people in modern society idolise celebrities and people from reality TV programmes, and not enough is being done to highlight the true heroes in our communities.”


Danny Glavin with WW2 veteran Glenville Jones

Share your stories 

The Inspiration Federation is encouraging veterans and active Serviceman to come into schools across the UK and share their stories with young people through its “Heroes Day Programme”, which benefits young people, veterans and serving personnel.

The charity is also compiling material from veterans and active Servicemen and women across the UK to publish a book which aims to bring together the voices of those involved in protecting our freedom from all different ages and eras.

Danny added: “Voices of Courage, Honour and Duty aims to give those who have done so much for our country, a voice, and a platform to share their story.

“They can contribute in any way they choose, from an account of their experiences to poetry and thoughts. Families of loved ones who have tragically fallen can also contribute a dedication in any way they see fit.”

Get involved

If you have any queries or would like to contribute material for the book, contact The Inspiration Federation at info@inspirationfederation.org

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