The Military Coworking Network is welcoming social media experts from BFBS to its hubs, starting on 15 February.

For one day only, BFBS will be on hand to answer your social media questions, provide solutions to your social media problems, offer advice on how to develop a marketing plan for your business, give you tips on how to build your brand, and help you unlock your full social media potential to support your career development or business growth.

It’s a social media clinic for military spouses and partners – you describe your ‘symptoms’, the BFBS ‘doctor’ will provide you with a diagnosis, and then prescribe the right ‘treatment’.

How it will work

BFBS is offering 30-minute consultation slots, which you need to book in advance, so this is not a drop-in clinic. The first one is at 09:00 and the last at 16:30. You can book a slot on the hour or the half hour e.g. 09:30, 10:00 etc.

To book your session, email with your location and preferred time.

The schedule

Sandhurst – 15 February
Bulford – 10 March
Blandford – 11 March
Valley – 28 April
Leuchars – 16 May
Clyde – 17 May
Chivenor – 9 June
Cyprus – 14 September

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