HAUNTED Married Quarters is a Facebook page dedicated to “paranormal activity” in military quarters.

The page was established by Army wife Jenny Loat, who claims to have lived in a haunted quarter in Germany but couldn’t find help for those who think they are sharing their SFA with a spectre.

Jenny said: “I tried to find out the history of the area but was unable to find out much, so decided to start the page so people would have somewhere to go to share their experiences and ask for advice.”

The page has more than 8,000 members as well as stories and help and advice on what to do if you think you are in a “haunted” quarter. Members often join after experiencing something odd in their home that they can’t explain but don’t know where to turn to ask for help. 

Jennifer added: “I think so much of the paranormal activity that people experience within military quarters is due to the rich history of the bases.”

Search Facebook for UK Haunted Married Quarters.

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