WHEN my serving partner deployed to Afghanistan I signed myself up for an Art Foundation Course and at the same time I discovered the Army Arts Society (AAS), writes Francesca Bex.

It was through the Society that I exhibited and sold my work for the first time, a terrifying but exciting experience! I have found other members to be really supportive, full of advice and above all non-judgemental about my work.

The AAS wants to encourage artists and craftspeople to take part – whether you are serving, retired or a dependant.


It also supports projects which encourage art activities for soldiers and veterans, such as workshops for those who are injured or ill, the ‘Serving War Artist of the Year’ competition and fantastic operational art packs in theatre.

So I just wonder – are you are one of those people who have always been into drawing or painting but never taken it past your front door?

If so, you might find that the AAS is the perfect next step for you. It’s fun to show your work and who knows you might even sell something!



The AAS annual exhibition opens at the John Creasey 

Gallery (just above the library) in Salisbury from 9-29 November. Visit if you would like to join.

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