Army&You’s guest reviewer and Army wife Gracie Brown tried out an apron towel with her new baby boy. Here’s what she thought…


Bath time for my baby boy always unintentionally turns into a water battle crime scene, with water on my floor and all over my clothes, which makes the process of drying a lot longer too. When I received the Cuddledry towel, I couldn’t wait to use it! I opened it up and the softness  jumped out. I have never actually felt a towel with such quality before. When I discovered that you wear it as an apron, I was so impressed.

I prepared my baby’s bath and secured the towel around my neck with the easy poppers. No matter how many times I tugged it, it wouldn’t budge; this was reassuring. I washed my little one’s head and popped it into the handy head pocket in the corner of the towel; this was already so different to previous baths as I could actually cuddle my baby at the same time, drench free!

When I’d finished washing I placed him on my chest and wrapped the towel around him, all cuddled up and connected, a unique bonding experience. My baby was cosy and warm and mummy was dry. Hallelujah!

The clear, zip up bag with a useful handle meant I could keep this towel separate from the others and clean. It’s so easy to put back in too, there’s even enough space in there for a shampoo bottle.

It made bath time really enjoyable and I don’t know who loved it more. I’d recommend Cuddledry to all mums and dads and it’s a great gift for every parent-to-be too.

The Cuddledry apron comes in four colours and is available from Mothercare, John Lewis, Boots and Kiddicare, priced £29.99.

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