In this edition’s Army&You and Reading Force Book Club, service youngsters tell us what they thought of Let’s Go Outside! by Ben Lerwill and Marina Ruiz…


Ronin said: “I love going on adventures with my family and I build dens with my dad just like the book. It was fun to find the squirrel in all the pages and count the birds. I love the colour of the autumn leaves but looking for the minibeasts was my favourite. I want to go on adventures just like this with my family and remember to wrap up warm when it’s cold.”

His mum said: “It was such a great story. There is something different to do every time we open the pages. Counting the birds, seeing how many different minibeasts we could find, and talking about where we could build dens and what we could use to do it. It was something that brought the whole family together and encouraged us to use our imaginations.”


Kiara really enjoyed this book as she loves adventure and going outside. She loved all the different pictures through the book of all the seasons and things you could do outside at different times of the year. This book has given Kiara lots of ideas on what to do on her next adventure outside. It’s definitely one of her new favourite books to read! We will be taking it on our next adventure as there are lots of interactive questions at the back of the book to get involved in while out and about.


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