I’D LIKE to put something positive across about the sometimes negative subject of moving when posted.

I have just completed a move with my partner, my first away from my home county of Yorkshire. I had heard stories about how difficult moving can be and all the troubles it can come with. This worried me and the dread set in. But now I’m here, I have to say it was nothing like I had been told.

It’s fantastic that the hassle and expense of relocating have been met by the MOD and you are even given Disturbance Allowance to cover some of the costs.

I was also overwhelmed by the support from other families.

Even though as a partner I am the one that has the most upheaval, I am also the one that has the most to gain.

This move has stopped me from becoming stagnant in life and pushed me forward.

I would like to thank the MOD, the soldiers around us and our unit for all their support to make this a stress-free time. To anyone that is about move for the first time, it’s not all bad and in my case it was very much a positive step.

Gary Thompson-Bowers


Response from AFF Housing Specialist, Cat Calder: It’s great to hear this good news story – the nature of our job means we tend to only hear when things haven’t gone to plan! 

Most moves go very smoothly and AFF is delighted to hear of this one and the positive reaction from the sender to both the move and the life changes it creates.


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