TRANSITION is not resettlement – it is the planning and preparation done prior to resettlement to allow Service personnel and their families to plan for a successful military career and to prepare for their inevitable return to civilian life.

It’s about taking personal responsibility for your financial circumstances, so that when your soldier leaves the Armed Forces, you are financially prepared. It is also about ensuring that you have thought about the future, where you may wish to settle and how you are going to make that future move.

HQ 1 Artillery Brigade & South West, with support from Wiltshire Council, Swindon Borough Council and the Career Transition Partnership, will be holding the SW Armed Forces Transition Fair in Tidworth Leisure Centre on Wednesday, 23 March.

The event will host more than 80 stands manned by a local employers looking specifically to recruit Service leavers, veterans, partners and spouses, along with others providing information and advice on charities, welfare agencies, health, housing, training and education opportunities.

One-to-one personal coaching sessions will also be available to help individuals address changes in career, life and health and welfare.

The SW Armed Forces Transition Fair is free to attend. All Service personnel and their families are encouraged to go along. No matter how long your soldier has served for, there will be something of interest for your family.

The fair takes place at Tidworth Leisure Centre, Nadder Road, Tidworth, Wiltshire SP9 7QN from 10am until 3pm on Wednesday, 23 March.

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