THE Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) has launched a new project to find out how many Service children and children of veterans live and go to school in Wales.

The aim is to make sure that the best possible educational support can be offered to children, if and when they need it.

This is the first time that such information has been collected, and it will help local schools, councils and other support organisations to get a better understanding of how many children of Armed Forces backgrounds there are in Wales.

To kick start the project, a national school survey will be launched later this winter to find out the number of Service children and children of veterans in each school in Wales.

This will be followed in the spring with events for schools, Service families, local councils, Welsh Government and other organisations to discuss the main issues that may affect Service children and children of veterans during their education.

The project will use this information to promote awareness of the potential challenges faced by children from Armed Forces backgrounds and to make sure that education providers are well equipped to offer the best support possible.

If your child is educated in Wales, then you have a vitally important role to play and can shape the educational support your children receive by helping your local school to collect the most accurate information possible.

The WLGA hopes you will work closely with the project by providing information and feedback over the course of the next year.​

To find out more about the All Wales Service Children in Education Project, contact or call 02920 468616.

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