AFF was recently able to view a new accommodation concept – Flexipod, a rapidly deployable unit for a range of military uses, which is currently being trialled.

On the outside they look like 20-foot standard shipping containers, but on the inside, they have been engineered into a range of different configurations, from six-bed spaces with toilet facilities to operations rooms or even a gym.

The Flexipod concept can be used off the grid as they have solar panels on the roof. This power can be supplemented by a generator or mains power where it’s available.

The accommodation spaces come with underfloor heating, and they are all insulated.

Each pod can come with USB sockets, individual lighting, smoke detectors and air-conditioned filtered air.

Soldiers can select either white or red light for tactical purposes. And alternative configurations can be selected such as dropdown seats, rack space, hooks and sockets to charge battery packs.

Once the units are finished with, they can be packed up and shipped off to be used at another location. 

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