FOLLOWING the drawdown from Germany, the MOD’s Directorate of Children & Young People (DCYP) has been undertaking a review of its future MOD schools and early years settings in Germany, Cyprus, Brunei, Gibraltar, the Falkland Islands, various European Joint Support Unit locations and Queen Victoria School (boarding) in Scotland.

If your children are currently schooled in these locations, you should have already received a letter informing you of progress and answers to frequently asked questions.

In the letter, Mike Cooper, director of DCYP, stated: “Please rest assured that the expectations for delivery and standard of education will not change; this is not a cost-saving measure. This is simply an opportunity for us to continue to ensure that we provide high-quality education at best value for defence.

“While there may be some changes in the future to how we best deliver education, there are no current plans to change where we are located nor the standard of the education we provide now.”

This is an ongoing project, so keep an eye on AFF’s website ( for updates.

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