IF YOU’RE considering living separately as an army family, take time to think about the financial impact. Families often ask AFF whether they have to pay for Single Living Accommodation (SLA) as well as their own home. The answer depends on your circumstances. 

In the army, serving personnel pay for SLA when serving married unaccompanied unless they are involuntary separated (for service reasons) or if they qualify for the over-37s package when moving into a privately rented or their own home in the UK.

Check with your unit HR as eligibility can be based on a number of factors.

What other things should I budget for?

As well as taking into account any SLA charges, remember to think about the family food budget, particularly if your soldier needs to pay for food in SLA. Remember to factor in council tax and water rates if you’re moving into your own home.

Are there any other allowances which could help?

Get You Home helps to cover the cost of travel when your soldier returns to your main address as long as this is a qualifying residence. Get You Home is available if your home is more than 50 miles away from the duty station.

You can find more information at ‘discover my benefits’, a family-friendly website with details of all army allowances – discovermybenefits.mod.gov.uk

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