AS the 7th Armoured Brigade, the Desert Rats, began a long nine months in Afghanistan, My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures flew to Germany to surprise the families left behind.

Pop-AcademyThe charity, which supports children of British Army soldiers, hosted two days of fun workshops to create a positive vibe and boost morale.

The event was supported by 32 Engineer Regiment, who are deployed in Afghanistan as part of the Desert Rats. More than 250 children attended, with a number of regiments across the Hohne and Fallingbostel Garrisons joining in the activities.

Pop duo Same Difference ran a pop academy workshop where the children learnt songs and dances and put on a production. Chelsea Football Club also joined in the fun, putting on a day of football coaching for the children. There were plenty of smiles to be seen over this fun-filled weekend!

Louise Fetigan, founder of My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures, said: “The weekend was overwhelming in so many ways and we met so many amazing families. We wish all the soldiers a safe tour and we hope we brought a small positive at the beginning of a long separation”.

Chelsea-FCA childrens’ resource pack is available as well as special event days, to ease the separation period and distract children from the worries and anxieties associated with a parent being away for months at a time.

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