KEEPING your skills going whilst you’re living overseas has just got easier for families posted to Canada.

Within Ralston Village at BATUS, the Learning Lab is a room full of opportunity and bursting with advice and resources for military families.

Kerry, who runs it, is encouraging everyone to call in to find out what it’s all about: “I’m able to advise and link learners to a variety of online interactive instructor-led courses covering everything from health and wellness, creative writing and computer programming to second language training and more,” she said. “I can also provide advice on job searches, CVs, covering letters and interview techniques.”

Operated in partnership with the Canadian Military Family Resource Centre, the Lab has laptops available with free Wi-Fi, training opportunities, webinars and drop-in study sessions where you can work individually or collaboratively.

Military spouse Teresa said: “I’ve attended three webinars and found them so informative. Each one comes with a printed booklet which provides you with space to make your own notes and there’s an opportunity to discuss the content at the end. More importantly, Kerry always provides coffee and cookies! I am hoping to attend others in the future.”

If you are posted to BATUS or already living in the area, make the most of this fantastic facility. Pop in or contact Kerry on +1 (403) 544 5567 or email

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