TWO military wives, Kelly Simpson and Erin Hughes, have founded a military children’s choir in Stafford following a casual conversation on Facebook. The choir had its first rehearsal last month and the turn-out was wonderful!

Open to all

Erin is a professional musician with a passion for bringing music to children and adults from all walks of life. Kelly is a keen singer in the Military Wives Choir, with two youngsters who showed an immediate interest in the idea of singing with a new children’s choir.

With lots of laughing at Erin, who does some terrible mum dancing while she conducts, and Kelly doing a great job of helping the littlest ones with the words, the group started off with some  fun warm-ups before singing Don’t Stop Believing by Journey and Don’t Stop Me Now, which everybody thoroughly enjoyed!

Keen to have a go!

Many of the mums also joined in and the leaders were absolutely thrilled when, after sheepishly suggesting that there were a few solos required and expecting lots of shy faces, hands shot up in the air and lots of the children were keen to have a go.

Erin said: “It’s great to see such confidence and enthusiasm in a group of young children, especially a group with no formal musical training.

“There are some beautiful little voices here in Stafford which is so exciting, and hopefully we’ll get even more as our choir grows and even performs!”

Why not get involved?

To find out more about the choir, or for help starting your own military children’s choir, visit

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