GREAT housing news for Army families – following years of AFF pushing for much-needed change, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has released a consultation paper encouraging local authorities to exempt divorced and separated spouses/civil partners from unfair local connection rules when applying for social housing.

This is a great win for AFF and for affected families. You continue to tell us about the disadvantage you’ve faced when you’ve been unable to prove a local connection due to the mobile nature of the Army life that you’ve lived.

Other recommendations in the consultation include:

  • Clear guidance on when local authorities are expected to use ‘medical and welfare’ preference requirements to ensure those suffering from mental ill health are given appropriate housing priority.
  • A consolidation of all current guidance on access to social housing for the Armed Forces community into one document.
  • Local authorities encouraged to include a question on their housing application form asking whether the applicant has links to the Armed Forces community, and to ensure staff are appropriately trained.

Cat Calder, AFF Housing Specialist said: “While we are pleased that this issue has finally been recognised, we will push for further amendments to the wording of the paper, which currently recommends guidance rather than these measures becoming a requirement.”

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We strongly encourage you to read and make comment on the paper. Take a look here. For help with your housing issues, visit our housing pages.

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