It’s well known that being around horses can have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing…

The notion can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and recent research by the British Horse Society found that interaction with our equine friends helps to reduce depression.

The Armed Forces Equine Charity, which began its journey at Tedworth House and Park in Wiltshire, has a network of equestrian centres in the UK and overseas, with a staggering number of projects ongoing in its communities.

The serving community, veterans, bereaved families, plus members of local communities who play an important supportive role for the armed forces, benefit from the charity through:

  • Human and Horse Intervention (HHI) – through equine assisted therapy, recovery, rehabilitation and learning.
  • Sport and recreation – contributing to mental health, welfare and wellbeing.
  • Business support – ensuring that the equine centres are safe, delivering efficiently and to the needs of the community.

Stable results

One of the charity’s delivery units is Tedworth Equestrian Centre (TEC) – a small team runs a huge number of local projects with support and funding from many different organisations. It’s clear from the feedback that its activities have a big effect on those who take part.

One parent said: “It was wonderful to see both boys smiling, they talked about it for days afterwards and were so proud of what they have achieved during the lessons.”

Another rider added: “My job may not be physically strenuous but emotionally it is. I take on other people’s mental weight.

“My mental health improves every time I’m near to horses, this should be open to all in our field.

“I wholeheartedly take my hat off to all that the team – human and equine – are achieving here.”

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Other projects

  • Equine assisted intervention for veterans with severe PTSD in partnership with HorseBack UK.
  • Equine assisted recovery for wounded, injured and sick service personnel. With help from a grant from ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, both Tidworth and Catterick are currently working with the Personnel Recovery Centres.
  • Equine assisted learning activities for children with additional physical, educational, and behavioural needs.
  • Working with The Wellington Academy in Tidworth to help 40 young people from serving families, identified by the school as being disengaged, with complex behavioural and mental health issues.
  • Part of the Invictus Games Foundation portfolio for the South West Region.
  • Working with the Get Out Get Active project in Wiltshire, supporting the wider community.

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