Many of you have experienced times of home learning over the past two years and some of you are now considering making this change a permanent one to help offset the many and varied moves of being part of a military family.

If you’re thinking of home educating your children, there are many things to be aware of, from creating a learning plan that suits your children and resourcing materials, to factoring in the financial impact.

For a number of army families, Elective Home Education (EHE) is already a way of life.

EHE is something that needs careful consideration, particularly for an overseas posting. There’s a process that must be followed to ensure that you’re able to home educate when located outside of the UK.

A new DIN (2021DIN01-134), titled Elective Home Education Overseas, clearly lays out the MOD’s policy. It details the process for applying, the responsibilities of both the parent and the chain of command when in the host nation.

If you wish to continue or start EHE overseas, you must:

  1. Contact Defence Children Services (DCS) before you commit to an overseas posting as some host nations do not support EHE. DCS can discuss this with you and offer specific information.
  2. Let your chain of command know that you plan to home educate when overseas.
  3. Complete the MOD Assessment of Supportability Overseas (MASO). See JSP 770 for further guidance.
  4. Be aware that there are occasions where EHE cannot be supported for an overseas posting.

If you need further information about EHE, contact Related pages: Education & childcare section on the AFF website.

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