A FORMER Army barracks near Salisbury Plain is being transformed into a housing project with homes on a unique veteran campus.

The site of former Erskine Barracks at Wilton, near Salisbury, is being turned into two new housing developments, Wilton Hill and Erskine Park, where families will live alongside veterans.

The £6.5m project is the creation of regeneration and development specialist Our Enterprise, which is working alongside Redrow Homes to create the first purpose-built, community-based campus and will serve veterans from all three services and all age groups and backgrounds.

The project, which has benefited from a £500,000 Armed Forces Covenant grant, is geared towards helping veterans move back into civilian life through enterprise rather than welfare. An enterprise hub will offer training in business skills and employment resources with on-site peer support and professional care.

Over a ten-year period, it is hoped the initiative will help more than 300 veterans successfully re-integrate into society. Work on the site has already begun and the first veterans should be moving in around July 2017.

To find out more, visit www.ourwilton.org or email sue@ourwilton.org

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