THE British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) receives calls from at least one Army family each week struggling to find the most appropriate home, motor or travel insurance or seeking advice on insuring belongings while abroad or in transit, covering military kit and using a car on base.

Available policies

There are a number of insurance brokers who can meet your needs through policies with specific Armed Forces benefits, such as worldwide cover at no additional cost and £20,000 liability cover to meet MOD ‘licence to occupy’ requirements.

Specialist policies are often more flexible, with some allowing you to adjust levels of cover up and down at any time depending on your whereabouts or soldier’s deployment status. 

BIBA’s advice is to understand what cover you need and try not to focus on the price alone. “Some standard policies may contain exclusions or clauses that make them unsuitable, such as a motor insurance airside risk exclusion which means cover isn’t provided if you use your car in an area designated for activities involving aircraft,” said Graeme Trudgill, BIBA executive director.

“Many families have found it difficult to find insurance online because some providers’ view is that those serving their country could be a higher or non-standard risk. However, there is suitable cover available if you go to the right provider.”

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