AFF is delighted to report some good news if you need to adapt your Army quarter because of an additional need or disability.

We conducted a survey to identify the issues that you were having with adaptations to Service Families Accommodation (SFA) process. With evidence collected and your enquiries, we were able to identify three main areas of concern:

  • Obtaining an Occupational Therapist (OT) report
  • Communication between families, Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and Modern Housing Solutions (MHS)
  • Timescales for completion of the adaptations.

AFF’s recommendations have been taken into account with the following improvements put in place:

  • If you are having problems acquiring an OT within a certain timeframe, DIO may be able to assist you
  • There’s an email address for the HASC manager which means that confidential medical information can be sent directly to a named person
  • The housing officer will be the point of contact between you and DIO/MHS for the duration of the process. They will be responsible for keeping you regularly informed
  • There will be specific timescales for each stage of the process and a schedule of works published.

To view the guidance flowchart, visit

AFF is interested to hear from any families who are currently about to apply for adaptations to SFA. We are keen to follow you through the process so that we can give feedback to DIO at the six month review point. Contact Cat Calder at or Karen Ross at

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