The Army&You team is always on the lookout for contributions from readers. Want to play a part in the success of your magazine?

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We welcome your ideas, articles and photographs for Army&You at any time. Has something happened to you, or in your community? Do you want to voice your views? Get in touch!

  • News, views and experiences of life with the Army
  • Strong feelings or a question  for Postbag
  • Career or training experiences
  • Personal experiences and feedback for Health, Education, Additional Needs, Housing, Foreign & Commonwealth issues and life as a Reserve family.
  • Community updates. What’s happening where you are that’s encouraging for others?
  • Sources of welfare and family support.


Where possible, text/copy should be emailed to us in Microsoft Word format to


We ensure Army&You is as topical and up-to-date as possible, even though we have to deliver the magazine to the publishers five weeks ahead of publication. Our magazine deadlines can be found here.

We also use the Army&You website to carry articles, so there’s no need to miss out if your story is time sensitive. Just make sure your copy is family friendly and easy-to-read.

Contact us

If you’d like to write something for Army&You but want to talk to us about it first, call us on 01264 382315. Have an upcoming event in your area? Let us know when and where it is happening.

Text/copy should be emailed to or call 01264 382315.

You can also contact us at: Editor, Army&You, IDL 414, Floor 2, Zone 3, Ramillies Building, Marlborough Lines, Monxton Road, Andover SP11 8HJ

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