The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers has launched a new mobile and web app know as Fusiliers Connect to help keep the Fusiliers community informed and open up forums for communication.  

The platform intends to support serving Fusiliers, reservists, veterans, cadet adult volunteers and families, seeking to raise a sense of belonging and identity with its members.  

The app features a search & connect function, allows for messaging & chat and caters for the efficient distribution of event information. It also connects to the wider military digital community giving members access to a wealth of resources.  

Col James Denny, Regimental Secretary says: “Fusiliers Connect is a totally new way for the Regiment to communicate and engage across our community and we are thrilled to be able to launch this to the wider Fusilier family”.  

Military veteran, Robin Bourne-Taylor, Director of Military App (the company behind the app) adds: “The platform is purpose built for Regimental Associations and RHQs to better connect and support their members and it is great to see how the Fusiliers have led the way in this support and vision.”  

For further information about the Fusiliers connect app visit