For military spouses and partners, starting a course in a traditional college setting requires more planning than our civilian counterparts. The big question being: Do I have time to finish before my soldier’s posting ends? Nowadays we can study remotely – and best of all, take our studies with us. AFF’s employment & training specialist, Jenna Richardson, talks to a couple of our Forces Families Jobs training providers who offer remote study…


You can take a Level 2 Award in Mental Health Awareness through distance learning with Active IQ, at a discounted rate for military families. Gavin Baxter (feature photo) is a business consultant at the company. He says: “We recently signed the Armed Forces Covenant as we recognise the selfless commitment the armed forces and their families make for our country.”

Having served as a reservist, Gavin understands the close link between military life and mental health. He adds: “The mental health awareness qualification has been one of the most popular in the last 12 months. Many individuals from the military community have taken this course for their own self-awareness to support family and friends.”

The course enables you to upskill without a tutor, so it’s delivered remotely with eLearning, an eManual and eClinics. All assessments are carried out remotely too, which means you can complete it at time that suits you and from anywhere in the world.

Try something new

Learning a craft and focusing upon something new can give us the time out that we often need. And if it helps us to make our own beautiful items to break up the magnolia in our quarters, then all the better!

Norman Reay, of Reson-8 Creative Training, explains: “We offer two different courses: an introduction to resin and resin art, and a three-day resin installers’ workshop, both of which are available to complete beginners.”

Being the son of a serviceman, Norman understands the difficulties that military families face.

“Our courses are flexible and we’re very comfortable to work alongside candidates whose schedules differ from our own.” he adds. “We have a studio in Ellesmere Port, which is wheelchair accessible, but we also offer the beginners’ course online which enables military families to join from further afield.”

In addition, if a group of you are interested in the three-day course but cannot get to the studio, Norman is happy to chat about travelling to your location to deliver the course.

The team is available to offer advice and assistance after you have completed your training too, so you have ongoing support.

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