In 2023 Taunton Military Wives Choir celebrated its 10th birthday with a gathering of past and present members and special guests. Those in attendance reminisced about the fun and exciting events they’ve taken part in. There were speeches and emotions shared over a celebratory glass of fizz and delicious buffet.

The choir is currently 36 strong and – depending on work shifts, babysitters, partners being at home – as many members as possible meet weekly for rehearsals on base at Norton Manor Camp.


Member Julie Way says: “We gather and chat, share experiences, often about military life with old and new friends who understand, until Edward Goater, our Musical Director, leads our singing rehearsal.

“Being able to read music is not a prerequisite. Ed encourages us to make the right noise! It’s not always pretty, but that’s half the fun!

“The choir’s signature song says ‘together we are stronger’, and we encourage and support each other which enables us to do things that are brave and bold. Singing to an audience takes confidence; reaching goals and achieving successes gives us all enormous confidence, increasing wellbeing and improving mental and physical health.”


Another member, Alex, says: “It’s my night away from work and a break from the trials of running the family home whilst hubby is away.”

Julia adds: “Over the past 10 years of singing with this choir the ladies have become an extension of my family. They’ve been with me throughout my wedding, having children and supported me through prolonged absences of my husband.

“Two hundred ladies from the Military Wives Choirs were invited to The London Poppy Day to perform in five different locations to fundraise for The Royal British Legion. I was in NatWest headquarters and Coutts Bank on the Strand. It was a wonderful experience in two awesome buildings which I would never have had the opportunity to visit otherwise.

“I wish I had joined long before I did! My husband is still serving, we’ve been together 32 years. I have never lived on a military base and so joining the choir has given me a wonderful connection to other ladies that I didn’t realise I had missed!”


The military connections of members are tri-service, serving, veterans, wives, mothers and sisters. Any woman whose life is or has been affected by a close connection to the military is welcome to join. Email for more information or to join them.

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