MUM-of-three Samantha Englishby, who has been an Army wife for 15 years and has lived in seven different parts of the UK, reviews Courage After the Battle, by Peter Jackson-Lee…

The book aims to help ex-military personnel and their families when they leave the Armed Forces. It covers unseen areas such as alcohol abuse, homelessness, PTSD and other mental and physical injuries affecting families and follows the struggle for their acknowledgement – from the years before the First World War through to today.

Courage After the Battle gives you a great insight into the many trials and tribulations military personnel may have to overcome and provides a vast number of contact details for organisations and charities that can help and support people in the Armed Forces. I honestly thought it was a great guide for anyone trying to understand why, how and what support there is to help them along their journey to recovery.

It offers a wealth of eye-opening, in-depth knowledge around the many different ways our personnel are affected by their experiences. I love how it gives you the history of how things were perceived in years gone by and in modern times – the explanations are fascinating. A thoroughly well put together book.

This would be great for anyone needing a bit more information or understanding; it would be a good tool for the welfare teams to use to help anyone experiencing difficulties.

Courage After the Battle, published by Brown Dog Books, is available in paperback priced £14.99 and as an electronic download.

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