Guest reviewer Loretta Brennan, who has a son in the British Army, tells us her thoughts on The Fool by Army spouse Michelle Moore…

Loretta Brennan

The book is set in ancient Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Nectanebo 11, an ancient inherited ruler of Egypt, who has been brought up in the grandeur and riches of his surroundings and expects the attention of his subjects.

It’s a story of power and magic between the Pharaoh, the high priest Nesatum, a seer (for whom the high priest falls) and a magic disk with immense power that falls to earth during a storm. It’s one of four celestial weapons sent by a bigger power and in the wrong hands, destruction of mankind would prevail. A plan is hatched to hide the disk as the Pharaoh becomes obsessed with the power it holds.

The Fool fulfils all the excitement and grandeur of ancient Egypt and I could actually see the events happening in my mind. The big question is whether the seer is the fool, or the holder of the celestial power that is entailed in the tarot; that remains to be seen in the following books which I can’t wait to read.

I would recommend this book as it catches the imagination and shows Michelle’s fascination of ancient Egypt. Please hurry up with the next book!

The Fool is Michelle Moore’s first novel and is available to download at most online book retailers.  

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